Customer Radar Vs Mystery Shopping

Many Customer Radar users have previously used Mystery Shopping as a means to measure the customer experience their company delivers.

Mystery Shopping Customer Radar
Margin of error on customer satisfaction data 98% 1-5%
Number of responses per location per month 1 or 2 100s or 1,000s
Real customers NO YES
Speed of data availability Delayed by 1-4 weeks Real time
Cost per customer opinion $30 – $150+ 10c – $1
Live customer recovery & complaints management NO YES
Daily performance benchmarking NO YES
Time period benchmarking NO YES
Live customer insights NO YES
Easy to set up NO YES

Benchmarking & Measurement

Not having a measurement of customer experience in your business is like playing a game of sport and not keeping the score…

Benchmarking & Measurement

Customer Comments and Insights

The comments provide you with the insights and actions that will enable your company to continue to improve…

Benchmarking & Measurement

Complaints and issue management

Every business that has customers will have customers who were not completely satisfied with their experience…

Complaints Management

Data analysis

There are a number of data analysis methods that can be used however one of the simplest and most effective is Net Promoter Score or NPS…

Data Analysis