Customer Testimonials


Toyota / Lexus – General Manager Customer Service

At Toyota we talk about kaizen, or continuous improvement, and this is one of the core elements of the Toyota Production System. It’s easy to say but how do we actually walk the talk, especially in the eyes of customers?

In 2013 Toyota NZ introduced Customer Radar to help us do this. We now get almost instantaneous feedback from more customers than ever before. We can see the results on-line and in real time. Customer Radar has revolutionised our customer feedback process.

One of the unique advantages of Customer Radar is that it is so easy for our customers to provide feedback without feeling pressured. In addition to the customer experience insights and benchmarking Customer Radar provides, we also receive live alerts from any dissatisfied customers. The ability to deal with issues quickly and efficiently means we have the opportunity to retain more business by being proactive with customers and demonstrate our commitment to providing the best experience possible.


Unichem / Life – Head of Operations

We have previously used mystery shopping as a method of getting a view of our business, until we found Customer Radar. With over 300 pharmacies in our group, it used to be impossible to know what our customers were experiencing in store every day. Now we know.

We now get thousands of customers telling us about their experience with us every month. We can respond quickly to their needs and as a result, it has helped us focus totally on what our customers want and enables us to give it to them. It helps us really focus on our strengths and eliminate our weaknesses right across our business. One of the features we like the most is being alerted if a customer is not completely satisfied. It means we can deal with them on a one to one basis and resolve any issues they have to make sure they happy to come back again.

I highly recommend Customer Radar to any retail business who wants to know what their customers are thinking.


Just Water – CEO

We implemented Customer Radar to give our customers a voice in our business. It helps us to find out what we were doing well, and on the odd occasion if we do not deliver on their expectations, we can do something about it quickly. We are the leading provider of water coolers in a market that has become highly competitive, so it’s important to provide a better experience than our competitors for us to be able to stay ahead of the game.

We have found that Customer Radar has given us a level of transparency with our customers and opened a line of communication that we have never had before. Our team love the feedback our customers provide, because they know it’s real and honest. We have gone from having a couple of customers give feedback per month to hundreds. Every company should give their customers a voice in this day and age and Customer Radar is the best way to do it.


National Café Franchise – General Manager

“One of the hardest aspects of a retail based business is the ability to track customer experience and satisfaction without relying on customer complaints or a monthly mystery shop as the KPIs. Customer Radar has provided an innovative new way of doing this and has created real accuracy and genuine transparency.”

Best of all it removes any subjectivity around performance as it’s the customers opinion and ultimately that’s all that really counts.


National café franchise – Franchisee

“The Customer Radar was with out doubt the most straight forward, enjoyable and overwhelmingly successful customer feedback programme I have ever been involved in. Not only did the response rate exceed our expectations, but during the entire programme our staff “stepped up”, knowing that they were on report!…. Now we analyse, improve and do it again!


Customer experience advisor / Speaker – Dr Ian Brooks

“After being in business for 35 years, I have learned our customers can tell us everything we need to know to succeed because they actually know more about your products and services than we do. Unfortunately, most of us running companies do not know what our customers think because it is very difficult for them to tell us.

Now, with Customer Radar, it easy for our customers to tell us what they think and we can monitor that feedback in real time. I am so impressed with Customer Radar I use it to get customer feedback in my own businesses and I strongly recommend it to my own clients. If you are serious about becoming customer driven, you will find Customer Radar a very valuable business tool.”


National café franchise – Franchisee

From a business perspective we have noticed a considerable lift in our staff and their focus on service during the programme and after it. It would appear that our customers also enjoy the “extra engagement” that seems to occur during the programme. The results that we have received have enabled us to really look closely at the service we as a team provide throughout the individual trading day and also the trading week. We have been able to identify quite clearly, days of the week and even down to times of the day when our service slips below what we would expect. From that we have been able to adjust our staffing levels and also our mix of staff to ensure we get it right first time from a service perspective right throughout the day. Staff see the programme as totally non threatening and I have been really delighted in the way they have embraced it both in the initial trial and the introduction across the group.


Stonyridge – Owner

Stonyridge operates a restaurant overlooking its olive grove and vineyards on Waiheke Island. We have been using Customer Radar and are delighted with it. Customer Radar gives our management an immediate indication of poor service or dissatisfied customers and enables us to react immediately should there be a negative rating.

Apart from being a tool to monitor staff we have actually used it to motivate staff with bonuses should they attain a high rating.

We have no hesitation in recommending Customer Radar as a powerful tool in developing excellent customer service.


Cheapskates – Director

Customer Radar allowed me to understand for the first time what my customers were experiencing in my stores. It was a powerful tool to motivate staff and create competition for improvement between stores. Furthermore, it increased our sales during the period we were running the programme.

I would recommend Customer Radar to anyone who cares what their customers think, who wants their staff to excel and their sales to grow, Shouldn’t that be everyone?