Frequently Asked Questions

What feedback questions will the customers will be asked?

The questions are:

  1. After today’s experience how likely are you to recommend this store to family and friends? (Scored on a rating of 1 to 5).
  2. Tell us what you liked and what we can improve? (Free text response).

What is the comments cloud?

The Comments Cloud reporting tool takes key words from comments made when participants provide their Customer Radar rating and form Word Clouds so that we can present meaningful data back to our clients.

All of the individual comments made are still able to be viewed, in fact you can click on any of the words within a word cloud and see what the individual comments are, so the purpose is really to help you see trending words within comments.


What is the a Monthly Trend Report?

The Monthly Trend Report is a PDF that Customer Radar Sales team will send at the end of a month to give you a highlight of your campaign over the month.

Included in this is:

NPS Score (Average, Highest and Lowest)

Text vs Online

Alerts Received (Ratings 1,2 and 3)

Comment Trends

Customer Radar aims to enable this Monthly Trend Report to assist yourself and your team to understand how your locations are going.


What should I do if I receive offensive feedback?

If you receive offensive feedback please contact Customer Radar – – and we’ll remove it from our system.

When will I start receiving customer feedback?

Feedback will be available almost immediately after it is received.

All location manager(s) will have access to the Customer Radar website showing a dashboard with their locations feedback.

Will others be able to see my feedback?

No, only your locations feedback/dashboard will be visible.

Each location manager will be given login details to view their individual locations feedback.

How do I respond to a 1, 2 or 3 rating?

There should be templated responses for ratings of 1, 2 or 3 for Location managers to select.

Customer Radar will be sending out on-boarding emails to Location Managers which will include advice and instructions on some of the finer details.

How do we interpret and respond to the feedback and score?

Scores of 4 and 5 are good feedback and scores of 1 and 2 are negative feedback.

Location Managers will have the option to contact the customers directly.

How much does it cost for a customer to text in feedback?

The cost of a text for customer is different depending on the provider they are with. Everyone who sends feedback via text pays a cost. This is not included in a persons text bundle as it is classed as a premium short code which carries a cost. The standard text cost is 20c however it can be as low as 9c with some providers.

How will we manage the same people giving feedback over and over to get the incentive?

Customers will be able to text once per day. Customer Radar can run filters to address this if necessary.

I am trying to email my feedback to you using – it’s not working?

Emailing feedback to is not possible as an option to submit feedback. is a website to submit feedback,

If you would like to submit feedback about a company there are two options;

Text to 203 ABCDEFG 5 I think…


Go to, enter the code ABCDEFG, then complete the form with your rating, comment about what you liked and/or what the company could do better, contact details  (this is to ensure you can be contacted if you win).

Looks like the wrong rating – what can I do?

Incorrect Ratings due to User Error:

Whenever a claim that a rating is incorrect due to a “system error” Customer Radar need to be informed immediately with any screen shots emailed through to support the claim so that we can determine what this means, and immediately address any technical issue.  We have never known there to be an Incorrect Rating submitted due to a “system error”.

If it’s a user error an email to with the customer’s mobile number, the correct rating and a note regarding the conversation with the customer will see our team correct the user error, manually adjusting the score for you (once the change has been approved either your end or ours via a pre-determined checking structure).

I received a low rating with no Comment – what do I do?

At Customer Radar we believe it is even more important to reply to these and ask for more information as they are a LOW RATING but not telling us why..

“ I am the store manager and am very concerned about the low rating you have provided – would you mind if I contacted you direct to understand what we did wrong?”

We have been asked previously to suppress any ratings with no comment however this would completely undermine the customers opportunity to provide feedback and it would alter the methodology that has proven to be effective to measure and benchmark customer experience to drive improvement…

Misrepresented ratings – what do I do?

From time to time we may need to consider addressing misrepresented ratings for 1’s and 5’s, possibly even for 2’s and 4’s but if a 3 rating is received, it is to remain the same.

We recognise the positive comment, which is great but they have answered the “would you recommend this store” as a neutral = as a 3.

We accept that the 3 rating – is what it is.  Whilst it may impact your score for a day or two, it doesn’t reflect poorly on your overall business, it shouldn’t be looked at in isolation but rather if a trend starts to develop along this 3 = neutral rating – then you can start to ask why..

We hope our explanation helps and encourage you to stay motivated as you continue to collect more scores and comments to assist you improve your customer’s experience on a day to day basis

How do I print my Dashboard?

  1. Using Internet Explorer is the easiest method to print directly from the browser.
  2. If using Google Chrome, it is a good idea to download ‘Fireshot’ (a webpage screenshot extension), available at this link:

    Once installed, click on the extension shortcut and select ‘capture entire page and print’.

    This will open a print preview in a new window.

  3. A similar extension is available for Firefox, by using this link:

  4. If you have a a Mac, Awesome Screenshots is the alternative to use.
  5. You can always take a screenshot and print that way.

Should we start openly sharing the feedback with staff from day one onwards?

Yes, location managers should share feedback with their teams as often as practical.

For example, managers could print off their location dashboard and share feedback at staff meetings, email feedback to their team or display on staff noticeboard.

Feedback incentive; what should this be and how is it managed?

Customers who give feedback will be in the draw to win a nominated prize as an incentive to provide feedback.

This is detailed within the Terms and Conditions and can be drawn by Customer Radar at the nominated time.

What about elderly / non tech customers?

Staff can offer assistance, perhaps use an iPad or a public PC. Also point out that they don’t have to give feedback today. Perhaps they have a grand-child etc. who will be able to help them.

What do we do about complaints or negative feedback?

Net Promoter scores (NPS) of 1, 2, and 3 will go directly to a location manager for them to action as appropriate.

All scores of 1 will also be sent to the relevant Regional Manager and/or Head Office representative.

Can I get all the data received for my store in an excel?

Yes, it is possible to obtain the data for your store in an excel.

In the situation where you have a Head office who runs this promotion, this would be the first step to contact them to see if they have this data already. In most situations the head office would then contact Customer Radar to obtain this data and it can then be passed on to you.

Do you have a QR code for

Yes Customer Radar does have a QR code that can used to access

For smart phones there is the option to scan the below image which will take you to the feedback page:QRScan


Do you have an example of what could appear on my till receipt/ invoice?

Below is an example of the image that can appear on the bottom of your till receipt that is used to promote feedback.

The two options are provided showing instructions on how to do these

  1. Online using the website
  2. Sending a text message (SMS) to 203 (FYI – 203 is the number for New Zealand only, for another country this will be different, please contact Customer Radar to confirm this)

Your feedback code (e.g. ABCDEFG) will appear on the image for customers to provide feedback to the dedicated code.

The image will show the link for your terms and conditions,  note the terms and conditions link will be different for every client.


Do you have any videos to help understand Customer Radar?

Customer Radar does have a You tube page that you can view

Customer Radar You Tube

I’ve forgotten my password; can I reset this myself?

If you have forgotten your password please email

In your email please provide; your name e.g. John Smith, your programme details e.g.Toyota and your location e.g. Symonds Street

Once we have this information the Support Team at Customer Radar will contact you with the details

Currently customers are not able to reset their individual passwords, this is being looked at for future development.

How do I contact the team at Customer Radar?

For general/technical enquiries email:


Toll Free numbers:

  • NZ – 0800 200 245
  • Australia – 1800 452 750

If you would like to contact a key staff member via email:

  • Mat Wylie – CEO –
  • Simone Jonelle – Growth and Sales Manager –
  • Mikah Pettersson-Fox – Operations Manager –
  • Jess Ramage – Systems and Project Administrator,

How can I get a customers feedback rating changed?

Customers when completing their feedback can get the “1 – not all” and the “5 – yes very likely” rating confused and/or submitted in error

You might receive an alert that reads something like the below

This email shows the customer has confused the 1 rating with the 5 rating when you read the comments.



Customer Radar and your business are able to address misrepresented ratings for 1’s and 5’s, possibly even for 2’s and 4’s

However if a 3 rating is received, it is to remain the same, this would require more investigation from a the store manager, regional/business manager.

We recognise the positive comment, which is great but they have answered the “would you recommend this store” as a neutral = as a 3.  We accept that the 3 rating – is what it is.  Whilst it may impact your score for a day or two, it doesn’t reflect poorly on your overall business, it shouldn’t be looked at in isolation but rather if a trend starts to develop along this 3 = neutral rating – then you can start to ask why..

If a change is required

If a change is required forward alert email through to, with an explanation that you have contact the customer and/or the comment shows the positive rating was meant to be selected. Once this is received at Customer Radar it will allocated and actioned by the support team.

Understanding the NPS equation

NPS is calculated:
% Promoters – % of Detractors = Net Promoter Score
Note: NPS is not an AVERAGE…
So let’s work out the %’s first
Total Responses – N = 646
Hover over the Blue Promoter bar and you will see the number of promoters (people who rated you 5)
N = 476
476 Promoters
To get the % Promoters:
476 divided by 646 (total responses) = 73.7%
Hover of the Blue Passive Promoter bar and will see the number of passive (people who rated you 4)
N = 149
149 Passives
You will see the % for Passives on your dashboard but they are NOT part of the NPS equation. (But their comments are very valuable)
 Hover over the Blue Detractors bar and you will see the number of detractor (people who rated 3,2 or 1)
N = 21
21 Detractor
To get the % Promoters we go 21 divided by 646 (total responses) = 3.3
 NPS = Promoter % – Detractor %
NPS = 73.7  –  3.3 = 70.4 NPS


If you can’t see your question here then email us at and we’ll endeavour to answer your question within 48hrs.

The Team @ Customer Radar