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I know, I know… it seems like a long time ago, especially now that Easter and daylight savings have both past us by but for some of us it is going to take a little while to completely recover from the Black Caps and last month’s World Cup Cricket Final.

World Cup Cricket ūüôĀ

I still can’t believe, having been fortunate enough to get to the semi final at Eden Park and witnessing¬†Grant Elliot’s winning six that I could go¬†from one huge¬†high on the¬†Tuesday to the flat, empty feeling I had the following Monday! ¬†Aaaah well, like everyone else I am still a fan, so proud of our boys¬†and their good manners!As you can¬†probably¬†tell, I do enjoy a bit of cricket… whilst the World Cup was unfolding I managed to stick to my game plan,¬†recruiting and interviewing candidates for an exciting new role¬†created, due to the growth experienced in our business already this year.

]New Systems and Project Administrator
Funnily enough, the hype of NZ’s 2015 cricket journey must have been really rubbing off on me as I found myself interviewing, enjoying and¬†appointing a cricketer to our business, Jess Ramage. ¬†Jess joins us in the role of Systems & Project Administrator. ¬†Having¬†worked on a number of large technology and system projects at¬†the ASB, Jess worked her way through the ranks at the bank over a period of 12¬†years. ¬†Of even more interest, Jess’ cricket career saw her playing,¬†coaching¬†and umpiring¬†outdoor and indoor cricket for more than 20 years. ¬†From 2002 until 2012 Jess¬†played for the¬†NZ¬†Women’s Indoor Cricket¬†team, they toured¬†Australia and Sri Lanka during this period plus New Zealand regularly hosted international-visiting-teams of which games were held in venues all over NZ. ¬†These cricket years fueled Jess’ passion for travel and exploration, in fact in the few weeks she’s been with us she’s spent a weekend in Whakatane specifically with the objective to study and explore White Island, with the next weekend spent hanging out with seals, attending nature tours on privately owned properties around Dunedin that I never even knew existed and of course she couldn’t miss visiting the Cadbury Factory – after all that was Easter weekend!

I know that when you cross paths with Jess you will enjoy her very accommodating, “nothing is too much trouble” attitude, not to mention the benefits she’ll deliver with her far reaching skill-set. ¬†Jess has a desire to pull apart and understand all things technical, she is naturally inquisitive, with an analytical mind. All this coupled with her extensive project management experience – I’m sure you’ll agree through your own experiences that with Jess on board, we are all in good hands.

We have also just appointed¬†a¬†Sales, Marketing and Client Support Administrator. ¬†Watch this space for yet another¬†interesting character introduction, designed solely for your enjoyment, once¬†“the new boy” is on board!

AdvanceRetail and Customer Radar 

We are rapt to be able to tell you about two business relationships we have worked hard to develop to the point where we are now in a position to shout about.

Many of you will be very familiar with AdvanceRetail as they have been in the software business for over 40 years, with the last 25 of those years dedicated to meeting the technology needs of retailers.
The work we have been doing together¬†has given¬†AdvanceRetail¬†the ability¬†to “switch on” our Customer Radar feedback technology for their clients. This means AdvanceRetail¬†can now¬†offer a¬†simple, robust and proven method for their clients¬†to collect¬†quick-smart¬†customer feedback in store, on a day to day basis, all¬†of which¬†is measured¬†and managed in¬†real-time, on the store’s very own online Customer Radar¬†dashboard.

If you are an AdvanceRetail client you can talk to
Mark McGeachan or Neil Ruthven at AdvanceRetail or
Simone Jonelle at Customer Radar about bolting Customer Radar on to
your AdvanceRetail POS platform

iab Partnership

Last but not least, we have also partnered with , the interactive advertising bureau.  iab is the trade association for online and mobile advertising.  It promotes growth and best practice for advertisers, agencies and media owners. iab are also a support organisation to the Project 15 Conference coming up on the 16th April. Project 15 will deliver a one-day thought leadership conference focusing on taking NZ innovation global.  Past themes have included social media, the rise of the mobile, internet and digital disruption.  Project 15 speakers will focus on the issues and challenges entrepreneurs face as well as key success factors. Click here for more information, I hope to see you there!


Mat Wylie
Chief Feedback Officer

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