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Hi All


As we all hit March twenty15 head on we trust that you are Well and truly back in to the swing of things and we hope that you have decided one way or the other what colour the dress is!  🙂 Incredible, don’t you think, how “small” social media has made the world – I would never have believed 20 years ago that an image and a topic could be shared amongst so many people in such a small time! 

We have some breaking news of our own, worth sharing more than the dress in my opinion!

Simone Jonelle has returned to Customer Radar! Many of you will remember Simone from a few years ago when she was contracting to us on Special Projects, well I am very pleased to share with you that this time Simone has come back to us into a new permanent role within our organisation;
Growth & Communications Manager.

In addition I thought it timely to officially introduce Vaulette who has been with us on a casual basis for approximately 12 months and who is now also a permanent member of the Customer Radar team.  Yes, you guessed it – due to our growth it has been necessary to take on more staff – always a great sign for the year ahead!

That’s about it for now, I intend to keep you a little bit more up to date via Radar this year as I always get so much good feedback from you all when I am a little more communicative!  Funny that!


Mat Wylie and the Customer Radar team
Chief Feedback Officer