Listen to the voice of
your customer – and win!


A Remote Customer Engagement Team

Dissatisfied customers (Detractors) may well represent a business’ biggest opportunity to turn a bad customer experience around. Engaging Detractors can open a positive communication channel, deescalating issues and identify root issues a business owner (or manager) may not be aware of.

Our remote customer engagement team can pick up this interaction for your business, resolving issues or relaying anything urgent directly to your team.

How are Detractors engaged?


Once Detractor feedback is submitted to the Customer Radar platform, a customer support ticket is submitted to our Customer Engagement Team.


Customer Engagement Team member will respond to the customer via the Customer Radar dashboard and ask for permission to contact them directly. In lieu of a response, the team member will try again after a short delay.
Once the customer is contacted, their call will be handled as a representative of the Client. Depending on the Customer’s country of origin, they will be spoken to by either an Australian or New Zealand team member, offering a more personable experience.


Once engaged, if the Detractor’s issue was a simple one and we were able to resolve it – the support ticket will be closed in the Customer Radar dashboard. For more complex issues which need to be brought to the Client’s attention, the Customer Engagement Team will escalate directly to the Client for them to address the Detractor directly.

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