We want everyone to get the best out of Customer Radar, so all our plans include all the features that make Customer Radar a great platform for capturing and actioning customer feedback in your business. All programmes include unlimited feedback because we believe every customer should have the opportunity to give you feedback, anytime.

All plans include these features:


Ask your customers for feedback via one or many touchpoints in your business.


  • Multi-channel feedback – Email, SMS, POS Receipts, Tablets.
  • Send directly from your POS/CRM/Loyalty/Database or management platform
  • No requirement to share your customer data
  • NPS Analysis
  • Optional rating scales (0-10/1-10/1-5)
  • Measure Multiple Locations*
  • Measure Multiple Sub-measures eg. departments, people


Act on the feedback and engage with customers in a personalised manner.


  • Feedback Alerts – Customised workflow
  • Closed loop responses by Email / SMS
  • Comment Management
  • Track all Feedback Communication
  • Response Templates


Create continuous improvement with live reporting and benchmarking


  • Live Reporting at locations
  • Benchmark Data
  • Comparison Data
  • Comment Themes and Trends
  • Customised Analysis groups eg. region, location type, etc.

Locations represent an individual point of measurement that you want to track in your business.
This can be a physical location, department, region etc. 
You may want to capture customer feedback for locations, departments, people, moments of truth etc.

Prices shown are in NZ/AUS currency.
*Set up fees may apply. 

Add more features as your business needs them:

CRM Integrations

Custom Integrations

Integrate customer feedback to work seamlessly with your other software systems.

custom channels

Feedback Channels

Engage your customers to give feedback using the best channels, such as your App, Wifi interruption and more.

review management

Review Management

Grow your online reputation by inviting happy customers to post online reviews.

custom reporting

Customised Reporting

Customised reporting created to suit your specific business needs. Talk to us for more.

Review Management

SmartNPS – Variable Questions

smartNPS provides more insightful comments specific to the customer rating.

variable questions

Variable ‘Thank You’

Actively drive further customer engagement depending on their feedback.

NPS Pulse

‘We send’ feedback invitations

Send out a regular feedback pulse to your customers.


Find out how engaged your staff are across your business.

API integrations


Feed data into your business for more insightful decision making and CX.