How does Customer Radar help my role?

Customer Radar for Business Roles

Different roles within a business have various requirements on how customer feedback data is viewed and processed, to achieve a variety of business goals. Customer Radar’s smart NPS technology enables each position to have visibility, improve their customer experiences and benchmark their customer data.


“As a Customer Experience Manager, I want to recognise the key drivers of customer success. Knowing, on all levels, what makes detractors and promoters what they are, is key to the organisational success. I need to connect customer feedback trends to operational KPIs.”

Filter and distill customer feedback data easily to find out common pain points for your customer base. Use these insights to transform your CX strategy.


“As a front of house team member, I want to offer my customers the best experience.”

Customer Radar enables your customer-facing staff to receive positive feedback and opportunities for growth and improvement.


“As a store manager, I want to monitor my customer throughput and understand the customer satisfaction and experience they are receiving. I want to create deeper relationships, be on top of any issues that may come up and highlight successes.”

Let yourself stay on top of trending topics and overall CX quality scores with the Customer Radar dashboard. Real feedback from real people.


“As a CEO I want to have visibility over the company’s’ overall quality and benchmark data at a high level, but also be able to granulate if needed. These will enable me to better look after business growth and other goals. In a fast-paced industry, information needs to be easily digestible.”

Customer Radar dashboard provides quick views of NPS trends over any period of time. It also displays how different points of measure stack up against each other, for instance, how all store locations perform against each other.


“As an Operations Manager, I want to get regular feedback from my employees and from my customers. It’s important for me to know our strengths and celebrate our successes, but it’s also important to know where the opportunities for improvement are.”

Discover what common themes and the frequency of topics are being submitted by your team and your customers. You don’t have to rely on your intuition – let real people tell you what they need, in real time! Let Customer Radar help you identify your business moments of truth.


“As an HR staff member, I want to understand how our employees feel, what drives loyalty and what causes tension in the workplace. I wish to collect feedback on recruitment and onboarding processes as well as ongoing insight into employee’s experience of the workplace.”

You can collect feedback internally as well as externally. Be on the pulse of your teams, find the best balance for your business, foster employee satisfaction.


“As a contact centre manager, I want to ensure that my customer concerns are being heard and resolved. I want my team to deliver customer service excellence while having great benchmark performance data and be able to identify training opportunities. And I want to know about issues in real time so I can action customer recovery and retention.”

Our platform provides solid benchmarking tools and pinpoints improvement opportunities within your team.

At Toyota we talk about kaizen, or continuous improvement, and this is one of the core elements of the Toyota Production System. It’s easy to say but how do we actually walk the talk, especially in the eyes of customers?In 2013 Toyota NZ introduced Customer Radar to help us do this. We now get almost instantaneous feedback from more customers than ever before. We can see the results on-line and in real time. Customer Radar has revolutionised our customer feedback process.One of the unique advantages of Customer Radar is that it is so easy for our customers to provide feedback without feeling pressured. In addition to the customer experience insights and benchmarking Customer Radar provides, we also receive live alerts from any dissatisfied customers. The ability to deal with issues quickly and efficiently means we have the opportunity to retain more business by being proactive with customers and demonstrate our commitment to providing the best experience possible.

General Manager Customer Service, Toyota / Lexus

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