About Us

Our mission is to “Make it easy to connect companies to their customers, so they can grow and prosper faster”. We help companies answer the often used phrase “We don’t know what we don’t know”. For most companies their customer do know.

Customer Radar was built out of intense desire to deliver on this mission and use technology to empower companies and bring the voice of the customer right into the center of the business.

When it comes down to it you only need to know two things;

1) What your customer like – So you can give them more of that.

2) What your customers don’t like – So you can eliminate that.

We believe that every customer, every day, should be able to give live and direct feedback to the companies they buy from. So we knew if we could make it quick and easy for customers to give feedback, they would.

Our philosophy – Make it easy

Make it easy for Customers to give live and direct feedback anytime.

Make it easy for companies to understand the feedback and put it into action.