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About Customer Radar

Our goal is simply to help organisations better understand their customers and to help them use the insights they gather to build more sustainable, profitable businesses.


We know how hard it is to find the time to listen to customers, but we also know how damaging it can be not to - which is why we built Customer Radar.

Customer Radar is designed to make customer listening easy for busy organisations without the need for big customer insight teams. Over time we’ve shaped it and honed it to meet the exact needs of busy organisations that use technology to drive efficiency and improvement.

We’ve also learned over time that although every organisation is different, certain industries share common traits. By focusing on these specialist industries we’ve been able to build a deep understanding of what makes these businesses tick and tailor our solution accordingly.

With over a thousand businesses using Customer Radar to listen and grow we’re proud to call ourselves experts in online reputation management. 


Our Partnerships

Customer Radar integrates with a vast array of different systems and we collaborate with lots of different organisations across NZ, AU the US and the UK.