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What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS), is a customer experience and satisfaction metric widely adopted around the world, and it’s based on one question.

Why Customer Radar?

Every day, we look through the feedback, and if there are any complaints, we do something about it as soon as possible.

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Find out how Customer Radar has enabled customer-centric businesses to grow.

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Check out our blogs on how to get and retain more happy customers.

❝If a customer isn’t 100% happy, we get an immediate alert which means we can fix it quickly.❞


Tourism Industry

When it comes to tourism businesses, reputation is everything. You work hard to attract customers and provide the best experience possible. If you’re not actively asking your customers what they think, you may not know what they really like about your service and if they are likely to come back or worse post a negative review online.

The key to improving your reputation and retention rates is to understand what makes your customers happy and to fix any issues that pop up. Asking them for simple and easy-to-action feedback will help you turn unhappy customers into happy ones and turn your happy customers into your biggest advocates who promote your business for you.


Benefits to your business


Boost your profits

Research shows that retaining 5% more of your customers is enough to boost your profits by up to 95%!Customer Radar software will help you find out what customers think, and you’ll be able to solve their issues to turn unhappy customers to happy ones.


Multiply your marketing

As well as reviewing and actioning valuable feedback from your customers, you’ll be able to add the feedback to Google reviews so more customers can find you online.


Empower your team

Turn your team into customer champions by empowering them to provide a great experience. Use real-time customer feedback to recognise employees who are delivering a great experience and, on the flipside, coach employees to improve.


❝We do know that it has saved customers, sometimes it’s been just a simple misunderstanding that has resulted in some negative feedback. We can learn from the feedback to save a customer.❞

Business owner
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❝A great forum for our customers to give honest feedback - and give us the opportunity to fix anything we can without being in the public eye.❞


Hey there, veterinary professionals! Today, we're diving into the heart of your practice – the relationships you build with your clients. Nurturing strong...


You can’t be everywhere – but your customers are. Customer Radar helps you tune in to what they’re saying.


Whether you want them to or not, your clients talk about your business – to their friends and family, in community groups, and on social media. But are...

❝I love the versatility and options on the dashboard. Everything displayed well and I like the notifications.❞
❝The information we obtain to help us understand our customers likes and dislikes is second to none and the added benefit is that it is current and not over a historic period in the business makes a difference to what we use the data to make better or so more of. Great service and easy to use.❞
❝We are able to tell our team when they are doing well and also sort out the problems without people bagging us on Facebook or Google.❞


❝Customer Radar can connect with most booking systems, databases or run as a stand-alone programme in any business.
Get in touch to explore the options.❞


Flexible packages to suit your business at any stage


Basic pricing plan for smaller businesses wanting to manage feedback. Includes unlimited feedback volume, dashboard management ,dynamic comment questions + more.

$ 69 NZD / mo


Everything in Listen package +interactive live screen, templated and customized reply emails and more.

$ 99 NZD / mo


Everything in Listen and Engage +customized options and more

$ 129


Everything in Listen, Engage &Enterprise + software connectors, customized data integrations and more


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