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What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS), is a customer experience and satisfaction metric widely adopted around the world, and it’s based on one question.

Why Customer Radar?

Every day, we look through the feedback, and if there are any complaints, we do something about it as soon as possible.

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Find out how Customer Radar has enabled customer-centric businesses to grow.

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What is NPS

Net Promoter Score or NPS is the science behind your customer feedback engine.

The features are built to enable you to easily act on feedback, identify areas for improvement, and empower your teams to continuously improve based on what your customers want.

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Capture Feedback
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Fast & Easy Feedback

Make it easy for your customer

Your customers don’t have to spend their valuable time filling out long feedback surveys. They only need to answer ONE question to give you all the feedback you need.

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One Rating, One Question

Understand the why behind your rating

With the right question, you'll gain more insight and collect the details you need to improve business practices.


Real-time Net Promoter Score

Measure Customer Experience in real-time

Live NPS tracking will help you see how your customer experience is performing across each area of your business.

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Multiple Customer Touchpoints

Perfectly timed feedback

Ask customers for feedback at the right time using the right channel for your business. Invite customers to give feedback via email, text, message, online or other touchpoints that suit your business.


Customised Feedback Programme

Customised user interface

Create your own unique programme with the tone, look and feel that you want. Choose from multiple rating scales and feedback styles including stars, smiley faces + more, and customize the type of customer/feedback engagement that works for you.

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Unlimited Feedback Volume

Get as much feedback as you want

Every business should be able to get unlimited feedback from their customers. We want you to gather as much feedback as possible, so we’ve introduced an unlimited feedback volume.

Action Feedback
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Never Lose an Unhappy Customer

Alerts, reminders, and escalations

Make sure every issue is solved quickly, and every customer is happy. Get email alerts whenever a customer gives your business feedback. You can also set reminders to follow up and escalate any feedback that has not been actioned.


Real-time Trend Spotting

Live updates on trends

See live trends and quickly identify what’s working – and what’s not. Comment groups and word clouds detect keywords and phrases customers use to talk about your business. These words and phrases are grouped and analysed instantly showing you what your customers are talking about the most, what they like and where you can improve.

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Close the Loop on Feedback

Multi-function dashboard

Communicate directly and privately with your customers from within your dashboard. Team members, with permission, can also reply to customers – leaving internal notes and closing feedback tickets to show the feedback loop has been resolved and closed.

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Know where to focus your attention

Compare areas of your business and see where you need to focus your attention. Track changes in your Net Promoter Score, and compare different stores, business units, team members, days of the week, or even times of the day.


Unlimited Users

Get everyone on the page

From your frontline team to the CEO – get everyone on the same page. We don’t limit how many of your team can access the dashboard. That’s up to you.


Tailored User Roles and Permissions

Empower your team to think like a customer

With permission-based rules, you can give as many users access to your customer feedback as you want. You can give them view-only access or empower them to fully manage and engage with customer feedback.

Amplify Feedback

Grow your Google Reviews

Continuously improve the volume and quality of your Google Reviews

Invite your customers to post online reviews after they give feedback. Helping you to build your reputation and ensuring that your online reviews give a more accurate representation of your customer experience.


Share Feedback on your Website

Boost your online reputation as you go

Select the feedback you want to share on your website as customer reviews. Share to your brand website, each location’s website or both.


Live-stream Feedback

Keep the voice of your customer at the centre of your business

Live-stream customer feedback on any screen to make it easy to share with your teams and keep customer feedback at the center of your business every day.


Connect more Data to your Feedback

Provide more personalized service recovery and richer insights.

By connecting customer data and transaction data to the feedback your customers give you, you’ll gather more actionable insight, as well as enable a more personalised experience when managing customer issues.

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‘Tell Me More’ Surveys

Expand your feedback

After your customer has given feedback you can ask them to answer a few more survey questions via a follow-up survey, it’s completely optional. By keeping customer feedback data separate from survey data, it enables businesses to focus on actioning everyday feedback. While survey data will still provide deeper insights to a management team that the business may want.



Live Dashboard

CR Dashboard


Customer Radar’s real-time customer feedback dashboard shows the Net Promoter Score for your business. NPS will measure the power and quality of “word of mouth”. It allows companies to track each customer experience as happy neutral or unhappy.

There are lots of filtering options and graphs to display trends in NPS.

I love the versatility and options on the dashboard. Everything is displayed well and I like the notifications.

NPS Trends and Benchmarking

The dashboard will show your NPS scores across your various time periods as well as benchmark against your peers. You can see trends across the hour, day, week, month, or even years. You can filter your view, allowing you to identify those dips and peaks in NPS scores across your business.

Comments, Trends, and Word Cloud

The word cloud shows the most frequently used words from your customers. The bigger the word, the more often it was mentioned. Its a great way to understand the feedback and easily share it with your team. You can even filter by promoters, passives and detractors to see the most common trends with each group of customers.

This is a great forum for our customers to give honest feedback – and it gives us the opportunity to fix anything we can without being in the public eye.

Closing the communication loop

Customers who are unhappy with their experience are called detractors. They should be contacted as soon as possible in order to try and turn their experience around. Closing the loop on feedback is a great way to retain more customers and manage your reputation. The dashboard enables you to respond and manage all of your feedback in one handy place so you can resolve any issues, track the status and close the loop quickly and easily.

As always we love the feedback, both great and not so great. It’s the unhappy customers that we get to know about that are really important, so we can in 99.9% of the cases resolve the issue and retain a customer.


We work with many of the most trusted partners in their categories to optimise your experience and success with Customer Radar.

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