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Feedback is fast,

Surveys are slow!

15 Seconds is about all it takes to get feedback from your customers with Customer Radar.

Most companies make the mistake of sending their customers a survey with a bunch of questions with the intention of gaining feedback. The problem is your customers don’t want to fill in surveys, and if they do they will only do it once.

That’s where Customer Radars comes in. Our unique approach and feedback technology makes it fast and easy for your customers to give you live feedback anytime anywhere.

Best of all, because it was so fast and easy for your customers, they are more likely to give you constructive feedback again and again.


Put the voice of the customer at the center of your business.

Make it fast and easy

Most companies make it to difficult for their customer to let them know what they think of their experience.

Your customers shouldn’t have to go to a contact page on your website and fill in a form, call a customer service number or resort to social media to give you feedback.

Customer Radar has changed all that, we make it easy for your customers to give you live, direct and private feedback using their mobile phones via SMS, Smartphone or any web enabled device.

Private & direct anytime, anywhere

The  flexible technology means your customers can give your company private and direct feedback anytime and anywhere.

This means your customers can tell you about their experience as close to the purchase as possible, so you get real feedback, not just the stuff they can recall hours or days later. And best of all it come to you privately and directly unlike social media where it is there for the world to see.

Take action your customers want

Live dashboard reporting puts the feedback directly in front of anyone in your organisation who needs access it.

Presented in easy to use and easy to understand dashboards, you can see what your customers like and what your customers don’t like in real time.

You can also pinpoint times of the day or days of the week where you can focus improvement based on what your customers want. It means you can take the guess work out of managing your business.

Respond to issues immediately

You can choose to be alerted immediately if a customer gives you a low rating. This enables you to respond to a customers needs on a one to one level and deal with any issues immediately.

Being this responsive shows your customers that you care and are prepared to make sure they are completely satisfied. Responding to customer issues quickly is the best way to retain business you may otherwise lose and win a customer for life.


96% of dissatisfied customers don’t complain


90% of dissatisfied customers won’t do business again if problems are unresolved


Dissatisfied customers tell 9-20 people. Social media can make it thousands


It costs between seven to twenty times more to sell to a new customer than it does to sell to an existing customer.

Live Net Promoter Score®

Customer Radar makes gathering NPS data very simple and provides benchmarking that enables you to drive improvement every day. NPS analysis and Customer Radars unique reporting platform, means our users can drive improvement at all levels of their business. Each location, department, store type or even individual can be measured by an NPS score that is updated every time a customer gives feedback. Our analytics tools extract the trends and comments to give you a realtime view of what your customers are experiencing.

*Net Promoter Score is a registered trademark of Bain & Co


Easy to understand

There is no point getting customer feedback if it isn’t easy to understand or easy to use. Customer Radars unique analytics engine provides insights that enable action that can provide focus from the front line customer service staff to head office. Customer Radar makes it easy to see what your customers think you are doing well and what you are not doing so well. This enables you to focus on the things that are important to the customer that business owners and managers find difficult to see.

The benchmarking makes it easy for a business to see how they are performing and where they need to focus. It enables managers to create change and drive improvement based on real customer feedback.

What if a customer complains?

Customer complaints are a fact of life for any business. Research suggests 96% of unhappy customers don’t complain, however they do tell other people and with social media that could be hundreds or thousands.

Customer complaints are often one of the single biggest opportunities for learning and for companies to grow. Any complaint is an opportunity to fix a customers problem and retain their business for the future.

Customer Radar provides you with the ability to respond directly with a customers and address their needs immediately. The result is our users retain more business than ever before because they have the opportunity to show customers they care about getting it right.


Protect your social media reputation

By giving your customers an easy and convenient way to give you direct feedback, you will enable customers who are not completely satisfied to tell you in private. This will help reduce the likelihood of  customers using social media to complain which can be very damaging to your reputation and is often there for the world to see forever.

Easy to set up in your business

  • Customer Radar can seamlessly be integrated into your existing business processes
  • Makes giving your company feedback fast and easy
  • Multiple ways to engage customers in providing feedback
  • From no integration to full integration with your systems
  • Can be used by companies and customers anywhere in the english speaking world

Who can use Customer Radar?

Due to the flexibility of the Customer Radar feedback software there are companies in many industries who are gaining live feedback every day.

Customer Radar excels in high volume environments such as retail, e-commerce, automotive servicing, hospitality and healthcare as well as low volume, high value customers such as, Automotive sales, business to business etc.

Users industries include:








Business to Business


Toyota / Lexus

“At Toyota we talk about kaizen, or continuous improvement, and this is one of the core elements of the Toyota Production System. It’s easy to say but how do we actually walk the talk, especially in the eyes of customers?

In 2013 Toyota NZ introduced Customer Radar to help us do this….”

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Unichem & Life Pharmacies

“We have previously used mystery shopping as a method of getting a view of our business, until we found Customer Radar. With over 300 pharmacies in our group, it used to be impossible to know what our customers were experiencing in store every day. Now we know…”

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Just Water

“We implemented Customer Radar to give our customers a voice in our business. It helps us to find out what we were doing well, and on the odd occasion if we do not deliver on their expectations, we can do something about it quickly…”

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