Case Studies

These are a selection of case studies that show how Customer Radar users are continuously improving their businesses every day by using the feedback they get from their own customers.

The Body Shop: Head Franchisee
Action is easy when everyone trusts the data…

Already ahead of the curve, technology such as a state of the art POS system, and a two-way staff communication tool using intranet to keep staff up to date on what is happening within the company is already part of the company’s make up. This made the decision to incorporate Customer Radar, a simple system for customers to let the business know what they thought of the service, an easy one.

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Fresh Choice: Store Owner
We didn’t know what our customers didn’t like

Implementing Customer Radar technology was easy for Richmond Fresh Choice, with the use of it even simpler. “All the feedback comes through to me and the managers, and once a week we feed it back to the departments,” says Gary, who describes the technology as “very easy.” This feedback helps both managers and frontline staff see the tangible impact that good customer service can have.

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Green Cross Health: Head of Operations
We hear from thousands of customers every month

The use of Customer Radar technology has been hugely popular with operators and customers alike, and already a definite correlation between customer satisfaction and store performance has emerged. In most cases, stores that gain a large number of positive results are also the stores making the biggest profits. This shows once again how vital customer satisfaction is to running a successful retail business. In the cases where the two don’t correlate, feedback highlights what can be improved upon to make profitable stores even more successful.

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Green Cross Health: Regional Manager
Your customers tell you where to improve

Implementing Customer Radar proved to be “super easy” once they replaced a few older printers in some of the stores, and since then technology has developed to the point where Bronwen says it’s incredibly intuitive. It breaks down feedback into times of the day and days of the week, meaning managers can drill down to what the real issues in their stores may be, makes changes within the store and train staff in an appropriate way.

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Noel Leeming: CEO
Embracing customer experience as the main point of difference

For Noel Leeming stores, implementing the Customer Radar technology was simple because we could link the Noel Leeming point of sale system with the feedback codes and distribute them via a till receipt. The till receipt was a natural choice, given that every customer who purchases something from a Noel Leeming store walks away with that piece of paper.

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