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What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score (NPS), is a customer experience and satisfaction metric widely adopted around the world, and it’s based on one question.

Why Customer Radar?

Every day, we look through the feedback, and if there are any complaints, we do something about it as soon as possible.

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Customer Feedback Software - The Next Generation - Update

10 January 2017

We've been busy developing a totally new Customer Radar software platform. We have taken on board all client feedback, and after more than 18 months of development, we're really happy to announce that this is scheduled for release during the first & second quarter of 2017.


Why a new platform?
The entire focus of the next generation platform is to make gathering and actioning feedback even easier and more insightful than before.

Increased functionality, ease of use and the ability to easily connect and communicate with your Point of Sale, Customer Relation Management or any other management systems has been a big focus of our software development.

All changes blend seamlessly and the outcome will make your experience using Customer Radar simpler and even more insightful and actionable!

What does the new dashboard look like?
The new dashboards are simple, sleek and modern. They are based on our users feedback to enable better benchmarking, easier access to comments, easy to understand comment analysis tools and increased search and filtering functionality.

NPS Summary:
It will now be easier to understand, view, filter and share feedback, insights & trends with your team.CR2_Screenshot 1-NPS Score.png

NPS Trend:
Trend reports enable you to track changes in your NPS score by hour, day, week, month, year. You can also track differences in time of the day across time periods.
CR2_Screenshot NPSTrend.png

Feedback Analysis & Word Cloud:
A major change is the ability to track comment themes as well as have live access to word clouds at all points in the business. This makes understanding the comments even easier.

Comment & Rating - Filtering & Search:
You can filter all comments by rating, time, key word, or phrase, as well as if it was sent to you as an alert.
CR2_Screenshot FeedbackList.png

Live alerts & closing the loop:
You will have a significantly improved alert functionality. You will be able to track the conversation thread and manage the status of any alert or complaint. In addition you can view each piece of feedback and track replies back and forth with customers (based on viewing and reply permissions).

Share the reports with your team:
The new dashboards are designed to allow you to search, filter and display the data you want, and then enable you to share with your wider team.

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