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Kilmore Dental & Specialist Centre Sees Remarkable Growth in Online Reviews and Patient Feedback 

Kilmore Dental and Specialist Centre, established in 2009, provides comprehensive dental care in a regional location, ensuring patients don't need to travel for treatment. The Centre boasts a team of over 20 staff members and offers a wide range of dental services, from cleans and check-ups to implants and orthodontics.


The Opportunity:


For over a decade, the Centre faced challenges in collecting Google reviews. Despite their efforts, they managed to gather only a handful of reviews, which didn’t reflect their high level of service. The existing platform required reception staff to manually request reviews, which was challenging and inconsistent due to their busy schedules. Dr Matthew Price, the owner of Kilmore Dental, explained, “Patients come for treatment, go home, and forget to review – we needed to overcome this and implement an easier process to increase our online presence.”

The Process:

“The way the patients responded was great and we got lots of responses – and still do.”

The treatment plan

Customer Radar provided an integrated, automated solution that seamlessly worked with EXACT—Kilmore Dental’s practice management software. The implementation was smooth and required minimal effort from the dental team. “We started a trial for one month, and it was great. We got reviews and feedback coming through almost immediately!” said Dr. Price.

The system sends a text to patients an hour after their appointment, prompting them to leave feedback. This method ensures timely responses without overwhelming patients. As Dr. Price noted, “Patients receive a text with a link to leave feedback. They click the link, leave their feedback, and it’s all done. We only ask for feedback every six months so as not to ask too much of our patients.”

When the feedback is received, it is instantly visible on the Customer Radar dashboard. The team is also immediately notified by email so they can monitor it easily during the day. All feedback is shared with the team quickly and it’s always good to see the team happy when they get positive reviews, especially when they get mentioned by name. If the practice receives feedback from someone who is not so happy, they call them as quickly as possible to understand the issue and resolve it. All feedback works towards improving the practice’s services and ensuring best practice at all times.

Matthew concludes; “Working with Customer Radar has been great – the platform works well, and it’s quick and easy to set up and use. Once set up it’s pretty hands-off which saves us time and effort. Our patients are happy with both being asked for feedback and giving it. We can easily monitor and manage the feedback ensuring nothing is overlooked”.

The Impact:

“Managing feedback easily and using it constructively means everyone wins – happy customers help to build our growing reputation in the market, our team is always boosted by the positive feedback and it gives us the chance to identify where we need to make changes to improve our services.”

Check-up on the benefits  

The integration of Customer Radar resulted in significant improvements:
  • Increased Google Reviews: After just one year of using Customer Radar, Kilmore Dental boasts over 101 reviews with a 4.9-star rating.
  • High NPS: The practice has achieved an impressive NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 95.
  • Improved Team Morale: Positive feedback is shared with the team, enhancing their motivation and job satisfaction. “Feedback was encouraging – and everyone likes to hear good things,” said Dr. Price.
  • Efficient Feedback Management: The system’s dashboard and email notifications allowed for easy monitoring and prompt responses to feedback, ensuring any issues were quickly addressed.

Key Benefits

  • Seamless Integration: Works effortlessly with existing practice management software
  • Automated Process: Minimal manual effort required from the team, saving time and reducing errors
  • Timely Feedback Collection: Automated text messages ensure patients are prompted to leave feedback soon after their appointment
  • High Patient Engagement: Significant increase in patient reviews and feedback
  • Enhanced Online Presence: Boosted Google review count and improved overall ratings

A healthy record…

Customer Radar’s automated feedback solution has been instrumental in transforming Kilmore Dental’s online presence and patient feedback management. The practice not only increased its Google reviews but also enhanced patient and staff satisfaction - demonstrating the value of a streamlined and efficient feedback system.

For more information visit Customer Radar